Star Wars Battlefront DLC free to play this weekend

Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim

CREDIT: Electronic Arts

If you haven’t yet downloaded the Outer Rim DLC for “Star Wars Battlefront”, don’t make any plans this weekend.

The Star Wars Battlefront team announced that from May 13-15, “all players will have the chance to go hands-on with the maps, modes and heroes” from the Outer Rim content.

All players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC will be able to check out the four new Star Wars Battlefront Outer Rim Maps. This includes all locations from Jabba’s Palace and the Palace Garage on Tatooine, to the SoroSuub Refinery and Pipelines on Sullust. All players will also get to experience our new Outer Rim game mode, Extraction and earn the ability to play as Nien Nunb and Greedo.

After the event, you have to pay in order to access the content, but this is a great chance to “try before you buy.”

[Hat tip: IGN]

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