Our favorite geeky TV news from San Diego Comic-Con

OK, we’ve covered the new movie trailers from San Diego Comic-Con – let’s switch to the smaller screen. Here are a bunch of trailers for new series, new seasons and other TV-related stuff that debuted over the past few days at the geekfest known as SDCC.

Star Trek: Discovery
Something about the title bothers me – maybe it’s the fact that it reminds me of a cable channel, or a credit card. Or maybe it still bothers me that in order to see this series, you’ll have to subscribe to another Internet service. Listen, we love Star Trek, but do we love it enough to shell another $6 per month? When you consider subscriptions for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon (if you’re paying for Prime) and HBO Now, these are starting to rack up.

Maybe we’ll change our mind if we see something more than just a ship and a title (maybe some additional plot details? Some character profiles? Anything?)

Arrow: Season 5
Over at The CW (aka “the network with all of the super-hero shows”), here’s the trailer for Season 5 of Arrow. We gotta admit, we haven’t been keeping up with this show here at M&DAG HQ, as it’s a bit darker than some of the other shows (especially ‘Flash’). Still, we’ve kept up with crossovers and reading spoiler stuff. It looks like Team Arrow is training a bunch of new characters, many of which are known to comics readers. We’ll leave it at that.

The Flash: Season 3
Speaking of the Flash, when we last left Barry Allen he had gone back in time (again) to the point where his mother was killed, but instead of pausing like he did at the end of Season 1, this time he saved his mother. This is basically the beginning of the “Flashpoint” comic from a few years ago, and it looks like the TV show will be dealing with a similar plotline (although likely without the other members of the Justice League like in the comics), in which Flash doesn’t have his powers (or maybe he does in this version), and most of Team Flash doesn’t know or realize who Barry is (I laughed out loud when I saw the stuff about a wealthy Cisco Ramon. Still, it’s nice to see “Kid Flash” in this trailer, as well as some other clues (Dr. Alchemy? Whooo!).

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 2
The first season had its ups and downs, as they often got dragged down with the whole “Gotta kill an immortal being – oops, he got away again!” for most of the season. And we’re still not happy what they did with Captain Cold. With the Time Masters gone, it means that our motley crew of time travelers, and it looks like the plots will be more in line with something that is more entertaining – go fix time so that bad things don’t happen (watch the parts with the ‘time criminals’). There are a bunch of other time-travel TV shows coming up this fall, so if your head hurts by all of these contradictions and paradoxes, know that you’re not alone. At least we’ll get some Justice Society action in this series.

No Supergirl teaser, but they did have some news – check out this report from BirthMoviesDeath.com

Iron Fist, Luke Cage and The Defenders
The best Marvel adaptations might not be on the big screen, but rather over at Netflix. After Daredevil and Jessica Jones have spoiled us, we now get three new series coming, which makes us even happier. Iron Fist is probably one of my favorite comics characters, and his friendship with Luke Cage (not to mention the romance between Cage and Jessica Jones) means that everything will be connected (even more so than The Avengers). Here are the three trailers they teased at the show:

Sherlock: Series 4
If you didn’t get enough Cumberbatch with the Doctor Strange trailer, here’s our favorite Brit getting ready for Series 4 of the “modern-day Sherlock Holmes” TV show (no, not the one on CBS, but the better one via the BBC and PBS). I’m not thrilled that Moriarty might be back (geez, guys, let it go), but seeing Toby Jones as a possible villain is interesting.

Other news items for TV shows:

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