Comic-Con: All The Movie News You Need To Know (and Trailers You Need to See)

Minute-per-minute, no other week yields more news of the geeky persuasion than that of San Diego Comic-Con. Here’s a round-up of the movie news you need to know, then the trailers you need to see.

Oscar-winner Brie Larson officially announced as Captain Marvel
Due out 2018, it’s the first Marvel female superhero in forever. Black Widow fans ticked.

Joss Whedon still wants to direct a Black Window movie
“But should he?” asks io9. No. No, he should not. Black Widow fans ticked even more.

Kurt Russell will play StarLord’s Dad in Guardians 2
1. Didn’t we already know this? 2. Apparently Stallone is in this, too. Say what? 3. Most important: What’s on the soundtrack?

Guardians is also becoming a ride at Disneyland

Black Panther movie reveals its villain

Last, and disappointingly, least. The headline from io9 says it all: The Killing Joke Movie Is a Disaster, Right Down to Its Comic-Con Panel.
It’s all equally unbelievable.

Now, the trailers!

I want this movie now. Loving the boots. Chris Pine’s floppy hair? No so much. But, the best part of the excellent trailer is the last 20 seconds thanks to Etta Candy (played by Lucy Davis, aka Dawn in the original U.K. The Office). What’s the big deal about Etta Candy? She’s a truly out-there Golden Age original Wonder Woman sidekick/friend who, for instance, once liberated a Nazi concentration camp with only a box of chocolate. Will be very interesting to see how they portray the character.

This new trailer is heavy on beasts and Colin Farrell, possibly mutually exclusive.

While not a trailer, Warner Bros. releases 2+ minutes of clips/footage from the upcoming Justice League movie. From this trailer, at least, it looks funnier than BvS (which is not hard to do).

Marvel’s version of Inception has a new trailer, featuring 750% more strangeness.

A long look at the new Batman LEGO movie, due out next February. I love Will Arnett’s Batman one-billionty times more than Affleck’s.

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