Nerdly News: Slinky Dog coaster arrives, Inhumans in IMAX

Rounding up some of the top geeky news items for today so you don’t have to go wandering the Internet (we know, you’re working):

VIDEO: Slinky Dog coaster cars show up at Disney World

It’s not just the new Star Wars World that has us excited to plan a trip to Disney World in the future. As part of its new Toy Story Land for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the company is building a Slinky Dog Dash Roller Coaster, which “will make guests feel like they’re shrunk to the size of a toy” from the Toy Story movies.

The Disney Blog has a video showing the new carts arriving and interviews with Disney creators about the ride.

Game of Thrones in modern times?

A mysterious video trailer popped up this week touting a new “Westeros The Series”, in which characters from Game of Thrones are suddenly thrust into a new world. The Telegraph has more details on whether this was just a fan-made video or something that might actually be produced.

Learn about Lockjaw

If you’re interested in the new Marvel Inhumans TV show (debuts Sept. 29), you might be wondering, “Who the heck is this giant dog?” Marvel Entertainment’s YouTube channel has a “Marvel 101” video giving you the quick lowdown on Lockjaw.

Inhumans in IMAX

Speaking of Inhumans, the first “chapter” of the show will be shown in IMAX theaters over the next week. Go to this site ( to check for theaters near you that might be showing them. Marvel also posted a short behind-the-scenes video about the IMAX version:

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