Let’s create the menu for the Golden Girls restaurant

The big news yesterday for some people in this Golden Girls-obsessed household was the announcement of a Golden Girls-themed restaurant  in Washington Heights, New York (upper Manhattan).

The “Rue La Rue Cafe”, will open later this year (early September) to honor the late Rue McClanahan. The creator of the restaurant, Michael J. LaRue, was a close friend to the actress, who played Blanche Devereaux in the TV series. LaRue inherited much of McClanahan’s show business memorabilia after the actress’ death, and he said he plans to use some of these items to help decorate the restaurant. He also said he’s lined up actress Betty White, the only surviving major cast member from the show, to attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The article mentions food items including “cheesecake, soups, wraps, salads, desserts, baked treats and wine”, with some items “tied to characters and situations on the show.” We love these ideas, but they seem to general to us. Here are our suggestions for the food items we’d like to see:

Cheesecake, obviously
One of the central themes of the show was that the four ladies would retire to the kitchen to discuss their problems while eating this tasty dessert. The restaurant better be ready with a large variety of cheesecakes for customers (we’re talking Cheesecake Factory levels), because every patron is going to order a slice.

Sophia’s sauce
Dorothy’s mother, Sophia, was from Sicily, and like all good Italian cooks, she made a mean sauce. We’re imagining some kind of Italian dish here, punctuated by a nice tomato sauce (if they can’t do entrees, then some kind of toasted ravioli with dipping sauce would work). Just make sure it doesn’t come from a can, or serve any Mama Celeste pizza.

Rose’s Gerneten-fluken cake
We have no idea how to spell this cake, but it’s a Rose specialty so they should have this as an option for patrons who don’t want cheesecake. We also think that Swedish meatballs would be an option to honor Rose’s heritage, as well as these St. Olaf recipes. (http://www.backinstolafbook.com/back-in-st-olaf—the-recipes.html)

Stuffed chicken
One of the girls’ get-rich-quick schemes involved making stuffed chicken dinners, at which point Rose wanted to make the work go by quicker by singing an old-fashioned work song like they did on the railroad. The restaurant could serve the chicken while playing this song in the background (OK, maybe not the song), or have Count Basie, the Showbiz Chicken, play the piano.

Other items
* Tarts (for Blanche, obviously)
* Mojitos (to honor the Miami setting)
* Rose’s Cupcakes (we’ll leave it at that)

What other food suggestions do you think the restaurant should serve? Let us know in the comments!

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