Chewbacca Mom is winning the Internet Webs

If there was a “Mom & Dad Are Geeks Hall of Fame” (we’re working on it), the first inductee would have to be Candace Payne, based on the weekend that she’s having. In case you were under a rock, her Facebook video where she was showing off her Chewbacca talking mask and joyously laughing to the camera has tallied millions of views.

Payne is now taking advantage of this newfound fame. On Monday, she appeared on Good Morning America as well as the Late Late Show with James Corden. In this video, Corden pretends to be annoyed with Payne, until a special guest star shows up:

Corden posted another video in which he talks more with Payne about the inspiration for the video (as well as giving her another surprise):

Here’s the Good Morning America appearance:

She’s also been auto-tuned, which seems to be a requirement if you’re Internet famous:

I think what’s appealing about Candace Payne is her genuine love for Star Wars (and raising geeky kids, hopefully), and the infectious laugh she had when showing off the mask. I have no problem with her capitalizing on the fame, she should do as much as possible with it until something else comes along to capture our attention.

If you’re trying find one of these masks for yourself, good luck, most online retailers are now sold out. It should be interesting to see if they make more of these in time for the holidays.

UPDATE: Amazon re-sellers are reselling the mask: Get your checkbook out! (and if you do want one, click one of those links below!)

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