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Finding Dory Tsum Tsum collection now available

We don’t really need another collecting hobby in our household, but two of the kids are REALLY into the Disney Tsum Tsum plush “animals.” My biggest question is how these things are pronounced – we say it like “Zoom Zoom” (think Mazda commercial), but I was in a store the other day and heard someone call them “Sum Sum” (like “The Sum of All Fears”). I just hope this doesn’t turn into a GIF vs. JIF debate.

Finding Dory Tsum Tsum


The latest versions to come out are Finding Dory plushes, which makes sense since the new movie is coming out next month, and you want your kids to have their favorite characters for when they go see the movie. The collection is available online at the Disney Store, and, one assumes, at Disney retail locations.

17 May 2016