Review: Bananagrams’ Zip It

Zip It Bananagrams

When you’re out to eat with the family, it’s extremely tempting to pull out (or keep out) that cell phone. You can check your email, see who’s doing something interesting on any social media network, or hand it to the kids to keep them occupied. However, it kinda defeats the purpose of eating out as a family.

One fun thing you can do to pass the time is play a game, and Zip It from Bananagrams is a very small, very portable, and very fun way to enjoy each other’s company on the go.

The pouch, only 5 inches long, contains 24 cubes with letters on all sides. Each player gets 12 cubes and when someone says, “Go!” they race to build words in a crossword-style formation using any letters on the cubes. The first to use up his or her 12 cubes yells “Zip!” and ends the round. Provided they didn’t use any illegal (or nonexistent) words or had misspellings, the winner can notch a point, via the zipper, on their side of the carrying case. The first to 10 points wins.

Rounds can move very quickly, sometimes 30 seconds or less, so you’re not talking a Risk-level of playing time. The game also has a tiny footprint, making it a great choice for a restaurant table, the top of a cooler at the beach or poolside, or picnic table. Younger players who may not be up for head-to-head play can just grab cubes and build words. You could also easily leave it on the breakfast table or kitchen island to sneak in some stealth learning.

Simply put, Zip It is a fantastic, fun travel game you can keep in the glove box or bag anytime you’re on the go for guaranteed family fun. And, ssshhhh, a little brain stimulation, too.

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