The ‘Wicked’ movie is coming in 2019: Here’s our dream cast

Wicked Movie Dream Cast

Until we get a Hamilton movie, the biggest upcoming movie based on a Broadway musical has to be Wicked. Since it debuted on Broadway in 2004, many, many people have hoped for a movie version (and since one of the producers was Universal, it was only a matter of time before they started to move on it).

According to several reports (including this one from Variety), they’ve now announced a date for the release of the movie – Dec. 20, 2019. This puts it into Christmas-movie and Acadamy Awards territory. With three-plus years to go, that’s a lot of time to make a movie that people will love, and it’s understandable that a cast hasn’t been announced yet.

One big reason for this, I think – casting this movie is going to make some people very happy, or very angry, or both.

For theater geeks, this will be bigger than Ben Affleck being cast as Batman in Batman v. Superman. It will be bigger than finding out who’s Rey’s parents are in Star Wars: Episode VIII or Episode IX.

There are several reasons why casting is going to be tricky. The biggest? We’ve been burned by some bad casting decisions in recent movie musicals.

While Anne Hathaway and Hugh Jackman were good in Les Miserables, casting Russell Crowe as Javert was not. I still can’t watch that movie. Casting Meryl Streep and Christine Baranski in Mamma Mia! was brilliant, but then giving Pierce Brosnan a singing role (and an EXTRA SONG!) was mind-bogglingly painful. And four more words – John Travolta in Hairspray.

Seriously, one bad casting decision could ruin this for Wicked fans everywhere, and I’m not sure I could take another dud performance from someone. We have two daughters who LOVE this show – I can’t deal with taking them to see it in the theater and watch someone butcher a song because someone in Hollywood wanted a larger star in the role.

With that in mind, here are our choices for casting for the movie:

Anna Kendrick
: She’s showed that she can sing in the Pitch Perfect movies, as well as Into the Woods. She has the musical movie chops, and should be able to pass as a young student attending Shiz University (Editor’s note: one of the Mom & Dad Are Geeks team members disagrees). She knows one of the songs, too! (see below)

Vanessa Hudgens: She’s got the pipes, having been raised on the Disney High School Musical movies. She also recently wowed us as Rizzo in Grease Live! She’d also make a good Elphaba.

Kristen Bell: She’s done a great job with singing in Frozen and its animated follow-ups (and will be in Frozen 2); she has the look for a Glinda possibility.

Lea Michele: The “young Idina” looks and sounds so much like Menzel that they cast Menzel as Michele’s mother in Glee. But is she a big enough name over the other actresses? She’s also sung Defying Gravity many times before (including on Glee).

Sarah Hyland: The Modern Family actress was cast in a musical early in her career – she played Molly in the 1999 TV version of Annie. We’re not sure if she still has musical aspirations – maybe cast her as Nessarose?


Fieryo: The main male role in the show and love interest to both main actresses should still have some singing ability. I think you could consider these two actors who also have Broadway experience (or go off the board and cast an unknown).

  • Aaron Tviet: I think he was slightly miscast as Danny Zuko in Grease Live, but he’d fit perfectly as Fiyero, a role he’s already played on Broadway (2008-09).
  • Jonathan Groff: He knocked it out of the park as King George III in Hamilton, but would people think he was too old for the role by 2019?

The Wizard: You don’t need to have someone with a perfect voice, but rather a comedic type. We think that Martin Short, Bill Nighy and Ted Danson would make interesting wizard choices. To shake things up, see if Samuel L. Jackson would want to try his hand at a little song-and-dance.

Madame Morrible: You could get a classic Hollywood star to play this role to help boost the star-power without worrying too much about the singing parts. Glenn Close, Susan Sarandon, Helena Bonham Carter, Cate Blanchett or Christine Baranski would all be awesome.


Ariana Grande: She has a Broadway-style voice, but the pop-star carries too much baggage. If she was able to convince producers of a role in the show, I’d rather see her play Glinda – I could see her singing ‘Popular’ with the same kind of perkiness that she did when she was on Victorious.

Justin Beiber, Harry Styles or anyone from One Direction. Let’s keep the boy-banders and pop stars out of this.

Taylor Swift: While she would bring in droves of fans, I’m not sure that she’d be able to pull off any of the acting. This would likely be seen as stunt casting.

Who’s on your casting list for this movie? Let us know in the comments!

Comments (2)

  1. Caylie Purcell

    Elphaba: SAMANTHA BARKS (played as Eponine in Les Mis. Perfect for this role because of her ability to act in a musical and her amazing vocal range!)

    Glinda: Anna Kendrick…because she’s amazing.

    Fiyero: Aaron Tveit, duh. He’s already played the role in Broadway (and in my opinion, is the best Broadway Fiyero so far), and he’s got the acting abilities (we see it in his role as Enjolras in Les Mis.)

  2. Roxana

    Lea Michele as Elphaba
    Dove Cameron as Glinda
    Anna Kendrick as Nessarose
    I would pick Kristen Bell but she is going to be in Frozen and Dove would be awesome as the good witch; Lea has the potential to be Elphie and her beautiful voice is powerful so seeing her with green skin would be so epic and as for Anna she has the look of Nessa; the delicate and beautiful disabled sister who turns evil after a broken heart would give all of us chills. I’m sure the directors and producers will totally consider this 🙂


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