Doctor Who, Buffy, Star Wars: Force Awakens Mad Libs on the way

buffy mad libs Finding Dory mad libs Star Wars mad libs Doctor Who Mad Libs








The most fun word game ever is adding a slew of cool new titles starting this month.

Out this month

Aerosmith Mad Libs

Florida Georgia Line Mad Libs

Foo Fighters Mad Libs

Finding Dory Mad Libs

Doctor Who Monster and Villains Mad Libs

The BFG Mad Libs


Coming in July

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Mad Libs

Field Trip Mad Libs

Coming in August

Scooby Doo Mad Libs

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Mad Libs

The best use of $4.99 we know, as well as the best place to write “fart” and “butt” repeatedly.

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  1. Eric Luper

    Thanks for the shoutout! I had a great time writing SW-TFA Mad Libs!

    1. Eric Luper



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