This LEGO Ghostbusters animation is a must-see

Apologies for yet another Ghostbusters post (gee, you’d think there was another movie coming up). With the proliferation of LEGO mini-figures based on pop-culture brands, there are a LOT of stop-motion animations that people create on YouTube that are super-fantastic.

Here’s another one – the folks at Digital Wizardz created an homage to the original Ghostbusters film with stop-motion figures (not the CGI stuff that the regular LEGO teams do). The coolest part is the final battle, in which our heroes get help from a lot of different sources (it’s like they were playing LEGO Dimensions or something)

According to The Brothers Brick web site, the animation required 2,000 hours of work and a LOT of bricks. Nicely done, Digital Wizardz!

If you want to try to make your own, you’re going to needs some bricks. Hit one of the links below and get started!

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  1. NAFL

    I love it!! Best Video ever. Gotta love the classic stop action animation!


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