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Supergirl gets Season 2 and a new network


The CW said it wasn’t going to happen — even though the recent Supergirl-Flash crossover was a ratings winner — but now it’s official: Supergirl gets a Season 2 and it’s on The CW, Variety reports. Could the network be looking for a female PR bump after getting a beating following the murder of Lexa on The 100? They wouldn’t pick up an entire series just for PR, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

12 May 2016

Orange Is The New Black Season 4 Trailer Is Out

The new Orange Is The New Black Season 4 trailer is out and it’s dark. There are some good one-liners and Taystee is killing it as always, but, man everyone looks pained (beyond the whole “I’m in prison” thing). Season 4 will be released on June 17 and there are at least three more years of Litchfield on the way.


11 May 2016