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James Corden’s ‘Crosswalk the Musical’ is the spiritual successor to ‘Guffman’

If you enjoy musical theater or have ever been in a local theater production, there’s no better movie than Waiting for Guffman, a 1996 mockumentary by Christopher Guest that showcases the journey of a local theater production that wants to be bigger than it really is.

James Corden, host of CBS’ Late Late Show, has taken on the mantle of the spiritual successor of that film, via his “Crosswalk the Musical” segments. The videos showcase Corden as the leader of a local theater group that puts on musicals in the middle of a Los Angeles crosswalk. They only have 30 seconds or so to run out, perform the number, then run back to the sidewalk before the traffic starts again.

It’s brilliant comedy – the first one they did was Grease (they’ve also done Phantom of the Opera), and last night Corden was back doing The Lion King, but this time with special guests Rose Byrne and Seth  Rogan.


26 May 2016

Disney Channel Original Movies release top hits soundtrack Friday

Disney Channel Soundtrack

What’s a party without a soundtrack? (Note: I originally typed “top hits album,” but realized that was ancient. Then I changed it to “top hits CD.” *sigh* Also outdated.)

The Disney Channel is kicking off a binge-y month-long marathon of all 99 Disney Channel Original Movies this Friday, May 27 (click that link for a day-by-day schedule). On the same day, they’ll release a companion soundtrack, Your Favorite Songs From Disney Channel Original Movies. Not the catchiest title we’ve heard, but it tells the tale. Anyway, here’s the track list:

Disney Channel Original Movies soundtrack

One good thing about DCOM and its accompanying songs: From a parent perspective, you never have to worry about inappropriate words sneaking in. “Adventures in Babysitting” is the 100th DCOM, debuting June 24, and a — sigh — a “reimagining” of the 1987 classic (which should not, under any circumstances, be reimagined. You kids, get off my lawn!)

25 May 2016

Big, big, big Netflix news — and almost all of it’s good

In 2012, Netflix made a deal with Disney in which the streaming service gets all — that’s all — the latest movies from Walt Disney Animation, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and Pixar. The deal goes into effect in September, so prepare for a kick-ass fall.

Now, the only bummer news is that Hercules (our pick for most underrated Disney animated movie), Mulan, and Hunchback of Notre Dame 1 & 2 are leaving Netflix. Hercules is gone by June 1, Hunchback and Mulan on June 24. But, this probably isn’t a big deal as you may own them. Except if you’re us and don’t own Hercules, which you love and now need to purchase on Blu-ray.

But, let’s get you some more good Netflix news: There are some excellent movies coming soon.

Arriving June 1: Jurassic Park, Jurassic Park: The Lost World, and Jurassic Park 3, aka, Jurassic Park and the other two cruddy ones.

25 May 2016

Gillian Anderson loves Legos, Star Wars, and is perfect in every way

Photo via

Photo via

I thought I couldn’t love Gillian Anderson more, but what do you know. She went and got her own tumblr to promote her current play, A Streetcar Named Desire in Brooklyn.

It’s not this version:

Anyway, Anderson named her tumblr Chewie’s Girlfriend, and had a lengthy Q&A with fans on variety of topics:

gillian anderson tumblr


24 May 2016

Disney Channel movie marathon starts Friday

Disney Channel Original Movies

Start clearing your DVR.

In honor of the 100th Disney Channel Original Movie  — a “re-imagining” of ’80s classic, Adventures in Babysitting — The Disney Channel is launching a 30-day marathon of all DCOM titles.

The fun begins this Friday, May 27 and continues non-stop through Memorial Day (schedule below). From there, the channel will air two movies per night through the premiere of the new Adventures in Babysitting (heresy, BTW) on June 24. A full schedule for each day can be found here at Inside the Magic.

Friday, May 27:

10:00 a.m. – Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama
11:20 a.m. – Read It and Weep
12:55 p.m. – Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior
2:40 p.m. – Jump In!
4:15 p.m. – Lemonade Mouth
6:15 p.m. – Zapped
8:00 p.m. – High School Musical 2
9:55 p.m. – The Cheetah Girls 2
11:45 p.m. – Zenon the Zequel
1:25 a.m. – Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge
2:55 a.m. – Twitches Too
4:25 a.m. – Alley Cats Strike!

Saturday, May 28:

6:25 a.m. – You Wish!
8:05 a.m. – The Proud Family Movie
9:50 a.m. – Quints
11:25 a.m. – Horse Sense
1:10 p.m. – Cow Belles
2:50 p.m. – Twitches
4:30 p.m. – The Even Stevens Movie
6:15 p.m. – Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie
8:00 p.m. – Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
9:50 p.m. – Princess Protection Program
11:30 p.m. – The Cheetah Girls: One World
1:05 a.m. – Zenon: Z3
2:40 a.m. – Halloweentown High
4:20 a.m. – The Thirteenth Year

Sunday, May 29:

6:00 a.m. – Right on Track
7:45 a.m. – Full-Court Miracle
9:35 a.m. – Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off
11:20 a.m. – Brink!
1:10 p.m. – Double Teamed
2:55 p.m. – Rip Girls
4:35 p.m. – Motocrossed
6:20 p.m. – Butt 9
8:00 p.m. – Teen Beach 2
9:55 p.m. – Bad Hair Day
11:40 p.m. – How to Build a Better Boy
1:20 a.m. – Pixel Perfect
2:55 a.m. – The Other Me
4:30 a.m. – Genius


24 May 2016

Chewbacca Mom is winning the Internet Webs

If there was a “Mom & Dad Are Geeks Hall of Fame” (we’re working on it), the first inductee would have to be Candace Payne, based on the weekend that she’s having. In case you were under a rock, her Facebook video where she was showing off her Chewbacca talking mask and joyously laughing to the camera has tallied millions of views.

Payne is now taking advantage of this newfound fame. On Monday, she appeared on Good Morning America as well as the Late Late Show with James Corden. In this video, Corden pretends to be annoyed with Payne, until a special guest star shows up:


24 May 2016

Walking Dead opens permanent attraction at Universal July 4

Celebrate our nation’s independence by getting the ever-loving piss scared out of you. I’m filing this under: Places I’m Going, Never. But, if you’re into this sorta thing, it looks impressive.

According to Comic Book Resources:

The immersive, haunted house-style attraction will incorporate aspects of both the hit AMC television series and the Image Comics title that spawned the show.

Unlike temporary, pop-up attractions, this one is permanent. No word if it’s heading to Universal Orlando. I’ll just stay safely tucked up here in Massachusetts, thanks.

19 May 2016

Watch the Bob’s Burgers Live cast in this fake movie trailer



OK, so we are TOTALLY late to the party that is Bob’s Burgers, now in its sixth season and about to celebrate its 100th episode. I know, I know, feel free to mock us if you’ve been on board since the beginning. In my defense, six years ago we were pretty busy with two toddlers and a newborn.

As part of the celebration of 100 episodes, the Bob’s Burgers team has released this video, “Bobs Burgers Live – The Movie”, a fake movie trailer about the “Bob’s Burgers Live!” tour they recently completed. It’s a bit NSFW, but it’s cool to see the people who do the voices and what they really look like (in case you weren’t aware of it).


18 May 2016

Doctor Who, Buffy, Star Wars: Force Awakens Mad Libs on the way

buffy mad libs Finding Dory mad libs Star Wars mad libs Doctor Who Mad Libs








The most fun word game ever is adding a slew of cool new titles starting this month.

Out this month

Aerosmith Mad Libs

Florida Georgia Line Mad Libs

Foo Fighters Mad Libs

Finding Dory Mad Libs

Doctor Who Monster and Villains Mad Libs

The BFG Mad Libs


18 May 2016

FOX’s Rocky Horror trailer released

On the heels of production shots released last week, the first-look trailer is now out. Still skeptical. Everyone looks like they’re playing dress-up. And I would not want to be Laverne Cox and have the pressure on me to best, or at least match, Tim Curry. Plus, the 2001 Broadway revival set the bar very high in terms of vocals (RENT’s Daphne Rubin-Vega as Magenta; Law & Order: SVU’s Raul Esparza as Riff Raff; Joan Jett as Columbia; Alice Ripley as Janet; and more)


16 May 2016

Could Buckaroo Banzai be heading to TV?

One of the more bizarre movies of the 1980s, Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, never caught on with geeks as much as other films from that time period (Back to the Future, Robocop, etc.), but it did become a cult favorite among some of us.

Buckaroo Banzai poster artwork.

Buckaroo Banzai poster artwork.

Now comes news that Kevin Smith (Clerks, Chasing Amy, Mallrats) would like to develop Buckaroo Banzai into a TV series.

16 May 2016

Variety’s Mo Ryan on this season’s TV cancellations

test patternVariety’s Mo Ryan is my favorite TV writer and, as usual, she nails the state of TV post the slew of cancellations and announcements this week. She ends nail-on-head with this line:

“Marvel’s Agent Carter” is gone but “Dr. Ken” lives on. Every year, we get reminders that this is a business designed to break your heart.


13 May 2016

First pics of Fox’s Rocky Horror released

EW has the first look at the revamped Rocky Horror Picture Show coming to Fox this fall. I’m loving Tim Curry as the narrator (“I would like, if I may…”), but everyone else looks too young and…clean. They all look like they stumbled out of a Halloween party.

Fox's Rocky Horror Picture Show


13 May 2016

What’s returning, what’s cancelled so far

test pattern

A lot went down at the networks yesterday. Who will see the fall and who’s hitting up their agent?

The Hollywood Reporter breaks it all down by network.


13 May 2016

Create your own Simpsons GIFs via Frinkiac

Homer Simpson Disco Stu dancing

The world’s greatest website for finding images from The Simpsons just got better.

Frinkiac is in beta for GIF creations – you can make 4-second clips from your favorite scenes. The tough part is remembering the dialogue from the scene (since that’s what the site searches for), but once you’ve found the correct episode, then creating the GIF is relatively simple from there. You can still create a meme with text from the show, but we prefer just creating the little animations.

12 May 2016