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Survey: If You Don’t Want to Fight, Don’t Play Monopoly

Monopoly board

A survey of 1,000 Americans reveals a key piece of advice: If you don’t want to get in a fight while playing a board game, don’t play Monopoly.

You can read the results from the survey, sponsored by, but some key stats:

Game Most Likely to Cause a Disagreement

  • Monopoly: 47.7% (Dead on)
  • Scrabble: 18%  (Dead on, Part 2)
  • Other: 7.2%
  • Risk: 5% (You can’t argue when you’re passed out from exhaustion)
  • Settlers of Catan: 4.5% (Trading squabbles are no joke. This is why we prefer Ticket to Ride)
  • Pictionary: 3.9%
  • Scattergories: 3%
  • Uno: 2.9%
  • Sorry!: 2.6% (Shocked this wasn’t higher)
  • Cards Against Humanity (Can’t fight if you’re laughing or drunk)
  • Apples to Apples: 1.8%
  • Chess: 1.7% (The Chess Federation frowns on board flipping)


30 Aug 2017

Game review: Think ‘n Sync

Gamewright Think 'N Sync box and cards

Kids and adults will love trying to blurt out the same answers

Game: Think ‘n Sync
Maker: Gamewright (Buy here on Amazon)
Ages: 12+ (Can be modified for younger players)
# of players: 3-8 (but larger groups could, in theory, play)

If you have a relationship with a spouse/partner or child in which you finish each other’s ___________ (you know you want to say “sandwiches”), then this game is for you.

Think ‘n Sync is a great party game for 3 to 8 players, in which the object is to blurt out the same word or phrase — at the same time — as the person sitting next to you. It’s a little bit like Anomia and 5 Second Rule (where you have to think quickly), but also similar to Taboo; the more you know someone and what they might say, the more likely you can succeed.

23 Aug 2017