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Marvel makes men mighty promises

Marvel Avengers underwear


Spotted in the Men’s section at Walmart. Marketing is making some significant promises.

19 May 2016

Walking Dead opens permanent attraction at Universal July 4

Celebrate our nation’s independence by getting the ever-loving piss scared out of you. I’m filing this under: Places I’m Going, Never. But, if you’re into this sorta thing, it looks impressive.

According to Comic Book Resources:

The immersive, haunted house-style attraction will incorporate aspects of both the hit AMC television series and the Image Comics title that spawned the show.

Unlike temporary, pop-up attractions, this one is permanent. No word if it’s heading to Universal Orlando. I’ll just stay safely tucked up here in Massachusetts, thanks.

19 May 2016

New Ghostbusters trailer offers up new hints


io9 has a thorough breakdown of the latest Ghostbusters trailer, which gives cool nods to the original film and gives away significant plot points (much more than the first trailer, so beware if you want to stay unspoiled). I really hope this doesn’t suck as I’m a fan of the original and a fan of this cast, and I don’t want to resent the latter for screwing up the legacy of the former.

While Melissa McCarthy, Chris Hemsworth, and Kristen Wiig are the biggest names (right now), it looks like Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon are set up to steal the show. Coming July 15.

19 May 2016

X-Men take on ’80s music

As a geek and child of the ’80s who does not wish to listen to music past 1987, I could not love the X-Men Twitter feed more right now. First, there’s X-Men takes on classic ’80s album covers, such as the several below. Then the marketing team, which is truly killing it, also released:

X-Men Apocalypse

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.36.56 AM

19 May 2016

Sweet Star Wars Cornhole sets

Stop laughing.

Now, I’ve never uttered the words, “Man, I could go for a game of Cornhole right now!” (c’mon, stop…), but these Star Wars-themed sets from Victory Tailgate would change my mind had I the disposable income to purchase such. Check out the amazing Corn porn below, just a tip of the iceberg offered here:

Boba Fett Cornhole
Star Wars CornholeHan Solo Cornhole
Star Wars Cornhole
Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 3.51.02 PM Star Wars CornholeScreen Shot 2016-05-17 at 3.50.36 PMScreen Shot 2016-05-17 at 3.50.12 PM

18 May 2016

Doctor Who, Buffy, Star Wars: Force Awakens Mad Libs on the way

buffy mad libs Finding Dory mad libs Star Wars mad libs Doctor Who Mad Libs








The most fun word game ever is adding a slew of cool new titles starting this month.

Out this month

Aerosmith Mad Libs

Florida Georgia Line Mad Libs

Foo Fighters Mad Libs

Finding Dory Mad Libs

Doctor Who Monster and Villains Mad Libs

The BFG Mad Libs


18 May 2016

Universal sneaks peek at new King Kong ride

Universal Orlando’s Skull Island: Reign of Kong is on its way, likely within the next 8 weeks (no formal opening date has been announced yet).

The ride will take you through a 1930s expedition on Skull Island and encounters with prehistoric creatures, dinosaurs included – and then, of course, Kong.

Check out the video from Universal Creative, which is heavy on low light, ominous music, and flaming torches, but seems pretty cool and enough to scare the pants off the kids. (More pics and info here.)

17 May 2016

Smuggler’s Bounty announces Jabba’s Palace box

Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty Jabba's Palace

Funko has announced the theme of July’s Smuggler’s Bounty Star Wars subscription box: Jabba’s Palace. Two beings we hope are represented in some fashion: Salacious Crumb and the Rancor keeper. Fingers crossed.



17 May 2016

Cracking the code: How every movie trailer is the same

Cracked’s got it. You’ll never watch a trailer quite the same way again.





17 May 2016

FOX’s Rocky Horror trailer released

On the heels of production shots released last week, the first-look trailer is now out. Still skeptical. Everyone looks like they’re playing dress-up. And I would not want to be Laverne Cox and have the pressure on me to best, or at least match, Tim Curry. Plus, the 2001 Broadway revival set the bar very high in terms of vocals (RENT’s Daphne Rubin-Vega as Magenta; Law & Order: SVU’s Raul Esparza as Riff Raff; Joan Jett as Columbia; Alice Ripley as Janet; and more)


16 May 2016

‘Goosebumps’ director to lead Dungeons & Dragons reboot

Dungeons & Dragons

Variety reports Goosebumps director Rob Letterman will be helming a new D&D movie for Warner Bros.


The film marks the second go-round for the project following the 2001 version which underwhelmed at the box office.

That is a significant understatement.



14 May 2016

Batman: The Killing Joke special features announced

This summer, one of Batman’s most famous — and infamous — graphic novels, Batman: The Killing Joke, is coming to an R-rated animated release (on DVD and Blu-ray) Aug. 2. has details on special features that will be available on the Blu-ray edition.


14 May 2016

Variety’s Mo Ryan on this season’s TV cancellations

test patternVariety’s Mo Ryan is my favorite TV writer and, as usual, she nails the state of TV post the slew of cancellations and announcements this week. She ends nail-on-head with this line:

“Marvel’s Agent Carter” is gone but “Dr. Ken” lives on. Every year, we get reminders that this is a business designed to break your heart.


13 May 2016

First pics of Fox’s Rocky Horror released

EW has the first look at the revamped Rocky Horror Picture Show coming to Fox this fall. I’m loving Tim Curry as the narrator (“I would like, if I may…”), but everyone else looks too young and…clean. They all look like they stumbled out of a Halloween party.

Fox's Rocky Horror Picture Show


13 May 2016

X-Men’s McAvoy Shaves Head With Help from Patrick Stewart

That time when McAvoy shaved his head under the FaceTime tutelage of original Professor X Patrick Stewart.

13 May 2016