Universal sneaks peek at new King Kong ride

Universal Orlando’s Skull Island: Reign of Kong is on its way, likely within the next 8 weeks (no formal opening date has been announced yet).

The ride will take you through a 1930s expedition on Skull Island and encounters with prehistoric creatures, dinosaurs included – and then, of course, Kong.

Check out the video from Universal Creative, which is heavy on low light, ominous music, and flaming torches, but seems pretty cool and enough to scare the pants off the kids. (More pics and info here.)

Skull Island is another a ride-through, like the former Kongfrontation, and should be jammed with new technology. Universal calls it “multi-sensory and multi-dimensional.” This would make it infinitely more advanced than 1990s park staple Kongfrontation, which was out of service or broke every time we visited the park. (Editor’s note: Well, one time before we were ‘Mom and Dad’, Dad went on the ride and got stuck in the middle of the ride)

We visited Universal last December and saw Skull Island under construction (or, rather, the high construction fences announcing the temple ruins and future queue area). The ride will sit in between the Jurassic Park and Toon Lagoon areas of the park.

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