About Us

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We should explain a little bit about what we’re doing here and why we’re doing it.

A Mom. A Dad (yes, we’re married to each other). Geeky stuff. No outrage.

Oh, you want more? OK. We both grew up as geeks (or nerds, or dweebs, pick your favorite term), long before it became popular to either grow up this way or have that identity. We’ve long been professional writers and editors, something hopefully we’ll continue to do for many more years…they typed, hopefully.

We like to watch superhero movies, read sci-fi and comic books, play board games and video games, and nerd out whenever possible. But we also have three kids, and we’re trying to raise them as best as we can. It turned out that a lot of our geekiness rubbed off on them, but at other times they look at us with the, “Oh, God, our parents are sooooo weird.” Hence, “Mom & Dad are Geeks.”

As far as our “No outrage” motto — our main goal is to provide you, our (hopefully) faithful reader, with news, information, advice and commentary that makes you smile or gives you ideas of things to do with your own kids. There’s too much outrage already in our social media feeds. We want you to be able to have fun and share cool, geeky stuff with your friends and family, as well as tips and tricks to raise your own geek family. Because, truly, the geeks will inherit the Earth (if they already haven’t).

Like what you see? Send us an email! We can be reached at momanddadaregeeks@gmail.com.